Friday, February 4, 2011

What are the best cargo trailers to buy?

So, everyone's biggest question when going through the buying process of a cargo trailer. What is the best trailer for the best price? There are several different companies producing enclosed cargo trailers. Here is a list of well known companies.....Cargo King, Haulmark, United, Forrest River, and Pace American. Most trailers are alike but some stand out of the crowd. There are some companies in the south that build trailers very cheap and sell them cheap. You get what you pay for! Cargo King build's an excellent trailer and a reasonable cost. They will last as long as any. The build of a Cargo King is exceptional compared to the rest. It seems to be a heavy duty version.

Haulmark has built trailers for a long time but has been known to have a lot of problems. The cost of a Haulmark is quite higher than others as well. Must be paying for the name and not quality.

United trailers builds a decent trailer and the cost is quite high too. They seem to hold up ok so maybe there trailer is #2 or #3 on the list.

Forrest River and Pace are about the same...High prices and a decent product..I'm looking foward to questions and comments.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wiring diagram for 7 way trailer harness

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wall Thickness

Most generally enclosed cargo trailer walls are 1" wide. Then you add the thickness of the wall board if you want to mount something to the walls. I would recommend using screws no longer than 1" to ensure that you don't go through the outside of the unit. I hope this was helpful to someone.

Technical Support

I can help out with advanced wiring problems, axle problems, or even where to get materials for trailers. Anything under the sun. I'm here to help!

Enclosed Cargo Trailer questions

I will do my best to answer any question that concerns a cargo trailer. So feel free to ask anything. I will check back all the time to help out whoever needs it.

Trailer Repair

If anyone is about to try to fix their own enclosed cargo trailer they should consult me before doing so. There is a lot of different things that could happen in the course of repairs.